What is pico Server?

Pico Server is a small web server. It is meant to be portable and configurable.

Pico Server (pServ) is written in portable C (K&R style so it can compile on older compilers too) and sports several options that by means of #define statements can customize the behavior, the perfomance and the feature set so to be able to fit better the the requisites.


P-reporter is the matched log-analzer for pServ. It analyzes the generated logs and outputs a statistic report in HTML.

Supported Platforms:

So how portable is this thing really? I hope a lot, there should not be architecture specific problems. So once an Operating System works it should do independently from the CPU. If you have problems feel free to report! Personally I have compiled it to:

If you ported pServ to other platforms and wish them added here or have comments about porting, please let me know.

Getting pServ and pReporter:

Download itfrom the SourceForge page.

Developer's corner:

Do you want to contribute? report bugs? stay tuned and get announcments of the latest release? visit the SourceForge page of pServ.

This project is hosted on:

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